Welcome to my site. I am a board certified plastic surgeon in practice since 2000. I specialize in non surgical anti aging techniques including Botox, Injectable fillers, skin peels, photofacials and skin care.

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Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

     Botox/Injectable Fillers​



I love this product. It take only minutes to injects and yet can take years off. The product will start working in two days and most people see the full effect by day 10. Results generally last 4 months. Make sure you join Brilliant distinctions by Allergan (The makers of Botox) to get better pricing.

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This product is another one of my favorites. Most people want to full the laugh lines, those are the lines between the side of the nose and the lip. If you have hollowness in the cheek area it willage you and make these lines look worse. I love to sculpt the cheeks with this product. In minutes you will notice a more youthful look. This product can also give you high cheekbones if you have never had them. The product last nine or more months.


This product is most commonly used to fill the nasolabial and marionette lines. A softer filler than Radiesse, this product is good for filling hollowness under the eyes. I also use it too enhance the lips and diminish those tiny lip lines. It last generally 9 or more months.